Federator N°1‘s EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Think of this of this page as the beautiful manila folder of yore stuffed with goodies you would have thrown onto a pile on your desk and never seen again.
Except the shiny disc of a CD which you also never would have seen again – because it would forever playing on your big 5 disc changer . . . 🙂
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Listen to us here (SoundCloud) | Download Soul Makossa


Our 1 Minute YouTube Promo lives here. We also have some fan shot videos on our Facebook page.


View (on Flickr or DropBox) Photos of us here | Download the Press Pack of Photos here (3 choice photos – all full res)

You can also download full resolution versions of most of our photos from Flickr.
Browse either the set linked above or ALL of our Flickr photos @ this other set if you don’t like our selection of our photos.

Stage Plot

View our Stage Plot | Download our Stage Plot

Yes, we have a big band, we know that. And yes, this is our ideal stage plot. And yes, we can play with a more minimal set-up (click to view/download the minimal stage plot), get creative, and still bring the loving grooves to the masses.


View | Download

While we do love whiskey, m&ms, and fancy tap water, we really just enjoy you making us sound great – this rider ONLY deals with our sound.

Band Bio/Description


For those of you who still don’t know what to make of us after checking out this site.  Press Friendly if you’re after that sort of thing.

Everything (all of this goodness zipped up into one happy file)

Download – If the download doesn’t start automatically, please right click and “save as” to get the full pack to your desktop.