Federated Family

fed·er·ate  [v. fed-uh-reyt; adj. fed-er-it]

verb (used with object), verb (used without object), fed·er·at·ed, fed·er·at·ing.
1. to unite in a federation.
2. to organize on a federal basis.
3. federated; allied.
Related forms
fed·er·a·tor, noun
As the Federator of afro-dance music in Boston, the band “Federator N°1” not only plays with many great groups, it ismade up of members of many of the fine afro-centric dance groups in the area. As such, it is very easy for us to pull together concerts or shows with these groups. We are happy to create full events bringing together bands from the Federator Family.
The “immediate” Federator Family includes:
  • Liquid Revolution
    • Matt Jenson and the Liquid Revolution band is built on a foundation of rock-solid-reggae-GROOVE with tight vocal harmonies and inspired blues-rock soloing.  Joining Reggae’s long mission of revolutionary consciousness-raising, the Liquid Revolution expresses the cry of alternative global thinking in this era of climate change and extreme economic injustice. Not only do Matt’s poetically insightful songs strike at the heart of these issues, but his tunes about joyful expressions of love, spirituality and the lessons to be learned from simple stories of every day life all offer a vision for a bright future.
  • Hi Fi Monk
    • Live re-imaginings and explorations of the music that Inspired 90’s Hip Hop.
  • Berklee’s Bob Marley Ensemble
    • A primarily student group, based on a class studying Marley’s life in-depth. As performers they maintain the utmost respect for  the soulfulness of his music, for his message of love, and his insistence that human consciousness be raised.
  • Lilla
    • As a performer, Lilla has the ability to connect with any audience and communicate music’s deepest emotions. With her ground-breaking originals and love for live spontaneous collaboration and creation, there are few modern performers that bring the class, presence, entertainment and talent that Lilla does to the stage.
  • BABA
  • Samary
  • Kina Zore

The “extended” Federator Family includes DJs & Bands representing the breadth of the african diaspora.